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Sunday, February 19th 2006

11:23 PM (5284 days, 18h, 18min ago)


I'm wondering what the fuck it takes to make a post on this thing. It's bad enough that it takes 5 or more tries to log in, but when i finally write a poem after not being able to in so long - IT GETS EATEN!

It's been about a month since I've last posted.
(Sounds sort of like the begining of a confessional, eh?)
This isn't how I wanted this post to be.
       Not the right vibe, so to speak.

These last few days have been more than relaxing to me.
          It's as if something has happened that is great.
Maybe it's just that I've gotten so many things done
                and made so much progress on other things.
Or maybe it's just a premenition that something great will be in effect soon.

                Who knows?
Just a thought.
Just a feeling.

17 speaketh.

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Posted by lesli:

that was always my problem with this thing too. it made me leave :/
Monday, February 20th 2006 @ 3:13 AM (5284 days, 14h, 27min ago)

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