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Friday, December 30th 2005

9:23 PM (5385 days, 14h, 2min ago)

A revolution for resolutions.

Look ahead on what can be done now not what hasn't been done already - that is where the stress begins.

Okay folks, one more day of 2005 and on to the higher side of the new decade we're in. Amazing isn't it? The 6th year after paranoia of the world coming to the end - or at least all the computers crashing. No worries now other than our traditonal resolutions...what kind of "resolutioner" are you? One who follows through? Maybe one who feels positive everytime, but can't quite get there?  A breaker of promises? Do you even make any resolutions? Are resolutions for 'others'? (Yeah, I need to make up one of those tests on Quizilla...)

I've decided to start this year out by looking at my to-do list. There are many things I have accomplished, but the list is still very long and  heavy for that matter. The quote today I found to be perfect for what I've been feeling as of late. I've done my best to eliminate the "old things" Not that they mean nothing, but i figure if there's no penalty, no bloodshed or heartbreak involved - I'm taking them off my list. Scratching them off and eleviating the mass weight. For examle, I've been completely stressing over Christmas cards not being mailed this year. I didn't get any done last year either....if you don't know already, I am an avid Christmas Card sender. No long family letter or anything, just a note and maybe a picture letting people know I think of them. I've thought about just sending out a bunch very late and wishing all a Happy New Year, but here it is the 30th and I'm nowhere close to doing it than I am to having a clean house. I think it will be set aside for next year. Again.If I'm less stressed from it. My family is less stressed from it. That makes it okay. If anyone bitches about it ( I dare them to...) they don't know me well enough anyway. Now for the rest of the list....

The perfect ending for a year of mass production of stress...solution. Not so much a resolution as a set up for accomplishing the realistic list created by a desperately stressed out Mom.
Let's remember not to be so hard on ourselves...one thing and one day at a time. Simplicity has it's upside - especially in a busy parent's life....around Christmastime.

Happy New Year everyone.

...and, uh.....I'll write again as soon as I can.... *wink*

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