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Wednesday, November 16th 2005

9:38 AM (5429 days, 23h, 49min ago)

ATTENTION: Computer Genius Folks!!!

  • The sky is Cool and blue
  • Sounds: Jack's Big Music Show on the T.V.

Here I thought getting a new computer would end all my woes of breakdowns, turn-offs etc etc


Computer problems again. DUDE! I got a DELL!
(The monitor goes black after 30 minutes - I have to turn it off and then back on after a few minutes to rejuvenate it...)

The monitor is fine. The replacement monitor is fine. The video card has been replaced. Fine. The mother board has been replaced. Fine. Still have blacked out screen action....

The weird thing is this ( and I feel somewhat compelled to write this just in case there is SOMEONE OUT THERE THAT CAN GIVE ME SOME INSIGHT!!!!!) My original monitor will black out after 30 minutes. When I turn it off, then back on, it'll stay on for a while. The monitor that DELL sent as a replacement when we thought it was the monitor having the problem also blacks out after 30 minutes, but when turned off then back on it goes out again right way...so leading me to believe that there's something having to do with monitors this computer doesn't care for. (I've switched every cord, power source, plug, etc.) One last hing I'll do is connect my old monitor from a different computer to see if THAT will mess up like these new flat screens do. (I wonder if I just hit on something there)

Okay...off to the storage room in the basement to lug up the big Compact monitor box.

D. Mahan! Great to hear from you! Where've ya been!

17 speaketh.

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