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Monday, August 22nd 2005

10:37 PM (5542 days, 0h, 3min ago)

What clothiers do with their excess fabric...

One of the best places  to shop on-line is
Nordstrom (the sale section). The markdowns are amazing. Actually, what's really amazing are the original prices...EEEE GADS! Who the hell buys all this stuff?! Even if I did have the money I just can't imagine spending almost  $200 on a camisole...for crying out loud...

Anyhow, I'm not a lover of shopping as it is, so the more bargains I can find on-line the better. Once in a while I sneak a peek at the men's sale to see if they have anything Mike might like. Today was one of those days and I saw this and then this. WTF? Who wears this crap?! Maybe it's early Halloween garb. Maaaayyybe for a girl, but a guy? I guess that's why they're on clearance...
0 speaketh.

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