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Friday, August 12th 2005

9:46 AM (5552 days, 11h, 35min ago)

Broken Flowers

Bill Murray has a new movie coming out called, Broken Flowers. If it's anything like Lost In Translation, I will be in complete bliss. I love that flick!

What a guy, you know? I mean starting out with SNL
you wouldn't think the dramatic acting ability would be as great as it is, kinda like Steve Martin, but both men are able to create quite a bit of emotional connection with the viewer. I love that!

I've just received, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou from NetFlix and have yet to watch it. I'm also looking forward to Coffee and Cigarettes, which is currently in my queue.

Have you seen these?
** Groundhog Day
** What About Bob?

List of all of  Bill's movies.

This hereby concludes my Bill Murray plug.

3 speaketh.

Posted by leonamargret:

Broken flowers are the latest upcoming movie. I already heard the news of this movie but don't know the date of releasing. purchase CBD products Anyone have any idea of the date of release of this movie. I wish it could be a family movie
Thursday, March 12th 2020 @ 4:33 AM (226 days, 16h, 48min ago)

Posted by just rambling:

GroundHog's Day is one of my favorite movies! I haven't see Lost in Translation Yet, though. :)
Tuesday, August 16th 2005 @ 4:55 PM (5548 days, 4h, 26min ago)

Posted by So Lost:

I love your dragonflies! They are really cool. Great work!
Tuesday, August 16th 2005 @ 3:53 PM (5548 days, 5h, 28min ago)

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