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Thursday, August 11th 2005

12:36 AM (5553 days, 21h, 8min ago)


  • Feeling.... ever so aware of itches
  • The sky is still, I'm looking at the floor
  • Sounds: um....whatever ants like, I guess

I jinxed myself. I was feeling so good about not having to deal with ants anywhere but the kitchen and what do I wake up with at 7am? An ant! No, not a little baby tiny pip-squeek kind we're all ever so used to...a BIG one.
We have those here. Very, very large black ants. Some of them even have wings (but those are bigger - about an inch long...) This ant was so big, Mike grossed out when he smushed him between his fingers. (Keep in mind we were still half-asleep).And yes, he washed his hands.
I the words of Gabe: "Ooooh, brudder..."

At least it wasn't a giant red ant!!!

8 speaketh.

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Thursday, August 11th 2005 @ 7:25 AM (5553 days, 14h, 19min ago)

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