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Wednesday, August 10th 2005

12:05 AM (5554 days, 21h, 26min ago)

Oscar the Grouch must have been to visit.

  • Feeling.... squirmy
  • The sky is I don't know - I'm looking at the ground!
  • Sounds: Something to poison ants and roaches

This is ant season. Have you ever had ants in your bed? I swear, I don't know what's worse - getting woken up by ants crawling all over (ALL over) your body or roaches (I de-test roaches....!)

Actually, since moving here, the ant in the bed thing hasn't happened. It used to where we lived before all the time. We do have ants though and they, of course, get into everything. Not bad as long as everything is cleaned up and not cluttery (a constant battle for me, as I have waaaay too much crap).  This is indeed a challenge with not only a 2 year-old but also a 13 year old boy.  That's okay though! Why? Because I'd put up with ants any day before roaches.

Well......what did I see in the garage tonight walking out to the big refrigerator?

a roach!!
Oddly enough, just one....but that's okay, I don't need to see any more - thank you very much...In a flash I was dousing the ground with boric acid and spraying under the fridge. That'll do it. (I hope.) Now I feel itchy and have a tremendous desire to keep my feet off the floor. That's it - hot or not, I'm wearing socks....UGH!

2 speaketh.

Posted by ~ Alisa:

Uh, yeah. That's how I'd put it. The word "scour" also comes to mind.
Wednesday, August 10th 2005 @ 5:45 PM (5554 days, 3h, 45min ago)

Posted by lesli:

omg, I hate roaches. I hate roaches. it was worth repeating. ants are more of a pain in the ass because they get everywhere, but roaches make me want to rip my skin off and scrub it under scalding hot water until the germs wash away.
Wednesday, August 10th 2005 @ 5:41 PM (5554 days, 3h, 50min ago)

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