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Sunday, August 7th 2005

10:59 PM (5556 days, 22h, 59min ago)

Good Night, Peter Jennings.

Peter Jennings didn't look 67. I was amazed when I learned his age (maybe he was 66 at the time). I was also amazed and somewhat in awe of his ability to handle the news as long and as charismatically as he did, along with NBC's Tom Brokaw, though younger.

It was a shock to me along with millions of other viewers when Jennings announced his new battle with lung cancer, about 5 months ago. He said he had been a smoker, but had quit years ago. He said, however when 9-11 occured, he took up smoking again - briefly. Briefly.

What a loss to hear about this day. A surprize, though ill, that he would pass so quickly.  With tears in my eyes as I heard the news, I said a little good-night prayer to a household name.

Good night, Peter Jennings. Bless your family. Rest In Peace.

6 speaketh.

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Posted by Darian:

Posted by Poetri:

Ahhh, I am just now learning of the news from you. Thanks for this. It was a pleasure learning such a tradgedy through such a beautifully crafted journal. Keep wrting! And thanks for visiting my website.
Monday, August 8th 2005 @ 11:09 AM (5556 days, 10h, 49min ago)

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