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Wednesday, July 6th 2005

11:20 PM (5588 days, 22h, 5min ago)

Too busy to think straight...

  • Feeling.... Somewhat of a caretaker
  • The sky is Dark Blue
  • Sounds: A resilient Morning Glory

BBQ-ing is like religion in that there are many different ways to look at it, but the way you do it is the best way.

*******        ********       *******

Drinking a mug of coffee at 11:15 pm. It's not too hot outside now, in fact there's a breeze blowing helping the temperature drop in the house after being closed up all day.  I'm relieved to be home drinking a calming Ethiopian blend while fingering my keyboard - the news playing in the background. The low voices of my husband and his mother-in-law speaking of who knows what.
I'm out of it. There's no string attached for me as I sit in my 'away room' with my own thoughts and oppinions. My music playing (Jim Croce) lower than any other sound in the house. I love it. I love the relaxing feeling of having everything done. The freedom of being alone. Away. Yes, yes, I got away - for now.
Tomorrow will be another day of constant awareness, alertness, feeling on the edge, doing what I can to apease to the point of keeping peace in my head. Tomorrow I shall plant the garden - nope haven't even started. That is my goal - at least the tomatoes, which are so rootbound in their pots. Hopefully the seeds that call to me from their packets. Those packets with the bright colors staring me in the face when I see them on the kitchen island. Peas. Carrots. Radishes. Pumpkin. Squash. Onion. Basil.

I am coming....I am....at least that's what I promise tonight, tomorrow is another day.

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