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Sunday, June 12th 2005

12:26 AM (5613 days, 21h, 58min ago)

Lea-ving on a jet plane

One more vacation and this one will be two weeks in Arkansas!
(I sounded excited, didn't I?)

Oh, yes, yes, visiting the in-laws and extended family in all it's glory. Actually, I am looking forward to it. We're flying, not driving. I think Gabe will have a good time on the airplane. Mike's brother has a house close to a lake, so we'll be jetskiing (which I've never done) and other stuff.

Two weeks....that's a long time, really. It wasn't when I was a kid. Leaving home for two weeks are you kidding?! Couldn't we stay the whole summer? Please?? I'm waaaay too much of a homebody for that now. I need to get back and plant my garden - all these seeds just waiting for me to nurture them into things to be eaten. My poor little BBQ will be very lonely with narry a flame...

One of these days....we'll have a dog. " Nope - sorry honey, no-can-do someone's gotta stay home with the doggie."

Arkansas. What's in Arkansas?
It's very pretty.
We (Mike) has a lot of family there to visit.
We can eat at the "Cracker Barrel" and other eateries that use animal fat in their beans (but man, is it good that way...!) We might drive up to Eureka Springs and check out the  Crescent Hotel, it's haunted you know...but we've been there and done that...actually, Rhyan hasn't so we'll probably go. From there we can drive up to Branson, Missouri, (this is sounding like a fabulous vacation, isn't it?)

It won't be bad. It will be relaxing   exciting   a great experience  an experience!

Yeah.....I'll have stories....

Happy Summer People!

2 speaketh.

Posted by Sevina Imogen Snape:

Sunday, June 19th 2005 @ 6:19 AM (5606 days, 16h, 5min ago)

Posted by D.Mahan:

hope you have a wonderful vacation! woo woo! 2 weeks, that rocks!
Tuesday, June 14th 2005 @ 6:22 PM (5611 days, 4h, 2min ago)

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